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I went through with it! I cut off 8ish (the ponytail is more like 10 but ah well) inches of my hair for Pantene Beautiful Lengths! I was really nervous to cut it, but I think my new hairstyle looks fine and I’m glad to know that my hair will go towards a wig for someone who needs it! 

Thanks to everyone who gave me their advice/input on this decision :) I’m a teensy bit sad that now I will have more trouble putting my hair into things like side braids or high ponytails, but I think I’m going to be happy with this decision in the long run. 

also thanks for putting up with my rant yesterday and this long post today

  1. sisterscamp said: I know I didn’t want you to cut it, but it still looks great! :)
  2. storeyreader said: looks nice! shorter hair is sooo much easier. i have been having very few bad hair days since i cut mine :)
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