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who the hell are you?

who the hell are you?

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hello dean.

I always worry Cas thinks Dean is unhappy to see him when he’s actually just trying to be manly about the fact that he’s startled, lol.

No, shut up! Don’t say things like that! Because you’re so totally right. Cas looks him up and down, and Dean does look pissed. He’s not, of course, he’s just trying to avoid looking like Cas got the better of him. But Cas doesn’t know that. He just thinks for whatever reason, Dean wishes he wasn’t there. And the worst part is how sad and upset Cas looks about that. FUCK YOU FOR MAKING ME SEE THIS. WHAT WAS SEEN CANNOT BE UNSEEN.

"I once had a fish! Francis. He was very dear to me. Then, one afternoon, I came downstairs and… It’d vanished! Poof.

1.17 Hell House

You’re not leaving me behind, right?


You’re not leaving me behind, right?

y o u   f i n d   a   c a u s e  ,  a n d   y o u   s e r v e   i t .